September 19, 2011

referral plz

My credit card cycle just restarted.  (Yes I am back on credit.)  You know what that means...!

Time to buy MISSION CLOTHES!!!

So, I was going to hit up the BR outlet at Park City because they have amazing deals, but then I realized all their stuff is dry clean only or in need of ironing.  The only other place worthwhile I can think of is the Sister Missionary Mall in Orem.  But you know, everyone will have those clothes and I can't be a fashion conformist on my mission.

Here's what I need:
Colorful clothes (yep, it's a requirement now, we have to look cute)
Machine washable
Skirts must cover my knees when sitting
Sleeves must cover my entire shoulder and then some (no cap sleeves)

Any ideas??
I'm thinking several cute dresses in addition to the usual mix-and-match skirt & blouse sets.

Please do not say Shabby Apple, because frankly they are overpriced for the cheap quality and they are for super tall girls.  Aaaaaaand no thrift stores kthx!


Ginger said...

Down east basics usually has cute skirts. As long as you get the ones that are more full, rather than tight, they should cover your knee when sitting. Also, shade clothing has a cute double layer skirt that is mid-calf. I really love the blouses that LOFT and Ann Taylor have, and Talbots has some nice classic stuff, but you need to make sure you buy from these three stores only on sale. Their stuff always goes on sale. Sign up for their emails to see when.

Ginger said...

I think you will have to have dry cleaning though, so don't shy away. The men all wear dry clean only suits, so why wouldn't you be able to?

Em {orange + barrel} said...

H&M! They have a lot of stuff and a few tea length skirts. J.Crew Factory store is online on the weekends and they have good prices on sweaters right now, especially since it gets pretty cold in Baltimore.

Oh and Ann Taylor Loft!