October 02, 2011

Hope I was wrong

I'm not a very good shopper.  Hate shopping for clothes.  Which is probably why I'm still single-- I look like a hobo on all of my dates.

Having been unable to find quality four season skirts within ten minutes of walking into various stores around Provo & Orem, I ordered TWO online from SHABBY APPLE.

They had some statement about how they've reworked their quality control process so I took a chance.  They should get here in a few days.  Spent a hundred bucks so THEY HAD BETTER WORK OUT.

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Ginger said...

LOFT has a cute new just below knee length skirt. It has a pleat in the front. You should check it out. Remember if it doesn't come in petites, you can always get it altered.
It's here: http://www.loft.com/loft/product/LOFT-Apparel/LOFT-Skirts/Flat-Wool-Twill-Boot-Skirt/266614?colorExplode=false&skuId=90459443&catid=catl000017&productPageType=fullPriceProducts&defaultColor=7137