October 23, 2011

Los Angeles

Drove nine hours, ate pizza, drove to TJ's for some shortbread cookies and saw some road rage on the way.  Terrifying.  The thing I have nightmares about except he has a gun in the car and tries to blow your brains out.  No gun in real life.  And even though he's totally psycho, LAPD is too busy to help.  Now we're watching Jane Eyre even though I should be unpacking and giving Cleo half of my stuff.  The 210 is heaven.  Although nobody really speeds anymore, and that's kind of disappointing.

Loving the palm trees, the humidity, my SIL baking a peach pie.  I LOVE L.A.


Cardiganwearer said...

Glad the trip went well

Carla said...

The road rage was more like street stuff with a psycho. At least it wasn't your car!