October 13, 2011

Shabby Apple

You lose.

I ordered the Ivory Tower and High Marks skirts.  The description says they are both satin and that the HM skirts has a satin lining.  Well, they are made from different fabrics and I can assure you that both skirts are full unlined.  The fits are awkward and there is no way the IT skirt would retain the defining pleats after the first washing.

What am I missing about Shabby Apple that's so great????


Bethany said...

Having a super skinny, super tall 12 1/2 year old (she's now 5'6") that is so hard to find modest clothes for.

Sorry, though! That's so frustrating!!

And good luck!

Ginger said...

They are not great. They are just really good at marketing. They give free clothes to bloggers, and have lots of giveaways on said bloggers' websites, and so people order from them. Lots of people wear clothes that aren't nice and don't fit right in the name of desperation.

Leslie said...

i'm never all that impressed with their quality, they do a good job of putting dresses on models, but once they show them on a mannequin, i'm usually pretty turned off. i have 2 dresses of theirs, neither is stellar, but they'll do.