October 04, 2011

so I'm sitting here at work researching a jacket and

The phone rings.

It's some lady wondering if we have doll limbs.  We don't today and due to the constant dramatic changes in our inventory, the best thing is just to come in and look and see what we have. Okay but do you have the number for any other stores?  I can give you Provo's.  I have Provo and they gave me yours.  Okay... it really depends on how far you're wanting to drive.

Me:  If you go to providentliving.org there is a listing of all the Deseret Industries stores and you can find which one you're looking for.

Her:  Okay, now what is that again?

Me:  Provident living dot org.  It's a website that lists all of the DIs.

Her:  Okay. Provident... living... now is that d-o-t?

Me:  I'm sorry, what?

Her:  Those initials you gave me, what was it?

Me:  No, it's dot, like a period.  Provident living period org.  O-R-G

Her:  Oh, okay.  I misunderstood you.  Org, o-r-g, okay.  Thank you.

Me:  You're welcome.

Her:  Okay, now what's the number for that?

Me:  There is no number.  It's a website.

Her: Oh.


Cleo said...

The Quilt Shop gave a customer my card. She called me some time later, saying that she had tried to access my website but couldn't.
Turns out she thought my email addy was a url. :)

Cleo said...

Umm... That was Mom.